An Introduction to Myself for Blogging 101

My name is Kristina, and I recently decided to participate in Blogging 101. I started blogging back in 2004 as a means to vent about physics of all things. That class was difficult. The summer of 2002 I discovered that I loved to write and tell stories. I’ve been writing and blogging off and on since then.

At some point I realized that I really wanted to become a published author someday. I think it would be awesome to share my stories with people other than my friends and family. I learned that a good thing to have before you get published is an author’s platform, which is what I hope this blog can help to build. Even if I never publish anything, I can still publish stories via the blog and possibly connect with people. It might even be more enjoyable since there is the ability to post comments and have a conversation with the people reading.

I’m having a hard time figuring out what exactly to blog about that would be interesting, but I’m hoping I’ll figure it out with some practice. I already have some ideas ready to write out, but I’m not sure how that’ll work out now that I have these homework assignments from Blogging 101.

I have a few posts already, and it seems that my focus at the moment is lessons I’ve learned and things I’ve experienced. There will also be short stories that I post too.

Anyone who enjoys positive stories and an optimistic view mixed with some creativity should enjoy my blog. Writers and readers should also enjoy it. It’s my goal to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a whole year while steadily growing a following with people I can interact with on my blog and theirs.

I hope this helps you get a sense of who I am and why I’m here. It’s nice to meet you.

Your Turn

If you’re in blogging 101, what made you decide to sign up? What is your biggest worry or concern about blogging?


3 thoughts on “An Introduction to Myself for Blogging 101

  1. Hi, again – i’m enjoying your posts so far, you have a nice way of writing with warmth and personality – feels very natural and direct, as if we were in the same room 🙂
    I signed up to blogging 101 this time because I was ill and failed to do most of it or participate with other bloggers when I tried in June. I hope it’ll give me the the extra push I need to get my blogs together this time. My biggest worry or concern about blogging? finding in two months time that i still forgot to tag posts and simple stuff like that, or that I’ll give up and never get back to it or potential trolls/stalkers if I were really fearful, not come across those yet though so fingers crossed 🙂

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