Short Stories

The Doll’s Eyes

This is an entry for the July Month-o-Minis contest at Brigit’s Flame. Prompt was: doll’s eyes
Word count: 192 
Constructive criticism is always welcome!
Music lyrics from Shirley Ellis’ Clapping Song

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Three, six, nine
The goose drank wine
The monkey chewed tobacco
On the streetcar line

I remember my little girl singing those words when she jumped rope outside. I would watch her from my spot on the steps, and I wished I could jump too.

But dolls can’t jump.

I watched her as she slept. I smiled as she dreamt and wished I could dream too.

But dolls can’t dream.

I stayed by her side when she was afraid of the monster under her bed and the shadows in the room. I tried to whisper comforting words.

But dolls can’t whisper.

I wanted to scream when he came. I wanted to wake her as he snuck in through the window and pressed his hand down on her face to silence her.

But dolls can’t scream.

I want to tell you now, officer, that he was 6 foot 3 with a long beard and red hair. It was the man we saw at the park two days ago. Her mother will remember him.

But dolls cannot speak.

The line broke
The monkey got choked
and they all went to heaven in a little row boat.


38 thoughts on “The Doll’s Eyes

  1. Dear Kristina 🙂

    This is a marvelous mystery. 🙂
    I love this.
    So far I have read three and I consider it the best.
    I would tell you the sensation:
    As I move towards the climax and realize the profound mystery a subtle intense current emanates from my heart with blissful sensation and shakes my whole body with tingling.
    Goosebumps 🙂
    This story is moving. Has profound effect 🙂


  2. I don’t know what to say…except that I felt a range of emotions. First, I felt sadness; then I felt love; then I felt fear; finally, I experienced pain – the pain of being bound to a chair when I should’ve been helping a loved one. You can fill regular everyday words with emotions.

      1. You are welcome. Envious that you are able to go to Spain, our National hero stayed there in Madrid and Barcelona if I’m not mistaken, he studied there as he was a genius, and we also have been colonized by Spain for 300 yrs but I don’t know much about Spanish language though 🙂

          1. It’s Dr. Jose Rizal, here in the Philippines 🙂 There are many colonist in our country. Spain (longest), Japan and America, that is why were fsmiliar with Western Culture. I believe Dr. Jose Rizal even has his own monument in Spain.

          2. It is okay to be behind. Time management is also not my strong point…need to improve…I may not be available next week but since I have wordpress apps I can still check every now and then. What I’m really behind is posting a new blog lol 😛

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