Getting to Know YOU

While my blog is inherently about me and things I enjoy, it’s also about YOU. I’ve met so many people from the Blogosphere, many of which are from Blogging 101.

I see your posts, and I’m working on figuring out the best way to follow along. I tend to look through my reader, so maybe I should shut my email notifications off. (I’m one of those people thatย hates having unread mail.)

Reading your posts gives me an idea of who you are, but I’m a curious person and want to know more because part of the purpose of this blog is connecting with others.

As I was looking around, I came acrossย Would You Like To Be My Neighbor?ย on “See You Starside” that I connected with. I related to the post because Lacie is a shy person and sometimes feels like she shouldn’t comment because she doesn’t know what else to add.

I feel the same way. But I feel we all crave interaction, and I do really want to get to know you all, especially as Blogging 101 is about to go into its final week. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

So this post is all about YOU. Don’t be scared to leave a comment.

And feel free to substitute your own questions or skip them over if you don’t like the ones I came up with. It’s not an interview. It’s just the start of a new friendship.

  1. What do you prefer to be called?
  2. What’s your favorite memory?
  3. What’s a talent or quirk that you have?
  4. Sum up your blog in 1 sentence.
  5. When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?
  6. What do you hope to accomplish before you die?
  7. What is your greatest strength or the best thing about you as a person?
  8. Tell me 2 other things about you.
  9. Anything else you’d like to add?

76 thoughts on “Getting to Know YOU

  1. 1. Anand
    2. Honestly: None. This moment is perfect–most favorite. ๐Ÿ™‚
    3. Being able to sense many meanings out of Hindi song lyrics.
    4. A distant cousin of Jabberwockying!
    5. Many things: When you are free please read this :

    6. Nothing.
    7. Surrender/Acceptance of life.
    8. (i) I love life. (ii) I have faith in humanity.
    9. You’re one of the sweetest, kindest, most beautiful and helpful persons I have ever met and you are a wonderful storyteller. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I wish you all the success.
    Thanks for the quiz Kristina.

    Have a nice weekend ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Sorry I somehow skipped over you, Anand.

      What is your favorite Hindi song? Reading your post on being retired was interesting. I still cannot imagine living life like that, but I am glad that it works for you. Thanks for the kind words.

      1. It’s alright Kristina. ๐Ÿ™‚
        I have many favorites, would share some other day. Thanks for the kind words. I am glad your dad is recuperating and I wish him a speedy recovery. I also hope you soon start enjoying blogging and interactions in forum.
        Best Wishes.


  2. Nice idea, everybody loves to talk about themselves, don’t we?

    What do you prefer to be called? Depends on the setting. Natalie is normally fine.
    Whatโ€™s your favorite memory? There are a few. They all are about loving and being loved.
    Whatโ€™s a talent or quirk that you have? I am a commedienne.
    Sum up your blog in 1 sentence. Management for people who care.
    When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? Rich and famous. Or a vet.
    What do you hope to accomplish before you die? I want my son to be happy, and put an end to FGM.
    What is your greatest strength or the best thing about you as a person? That’s a tough one. People call me independant. I think they are deluded. There is no such thing as independance. But I am free.
    Tell me 2 other things about you. I was a self defence teacher in my 20ies. I am still nervous on every first day with a new class.
    Anything else youโ€™d like to add? Will you answer the same questions for me?

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Natalie

    1. Nice to meet you Natalie.

      I’m Kristina. ๐Ÿ™‚

      My favorite memory is probably one that has to relate to my family and how close we are.

      My talent or quirk is that I randomly get a British accent without realizing it and that I spell many words the British way despite being American. To the point that my friends actually gave me a British nickname because they think I was British in a past life or something.

      3. I always wanted to be a vet or a teacher.

      4. I hope to have helped or inspired others. Or at the very least, have someone know they were cared about. I also hope to continue to find the optimistic side of life throughout the journey.

      5. People tend to tell me that I can see the other side of things. If people get into an arguement, I become the mediator of it all. I’ve also been told I’m patient and positive about everything.

      6. My first job ever was a tour guide at a zoo. I love Disney animated movies, and I know the songs from the ones in the 90s by heart.

    2. What is FGM?

      What kind of self defense do you teach? Don you still teach it?

      I forgot to do the whole blog in a sentence. I guess it’s Story telling about life and fiction and overcoming self-doubt. Strange combination. My blog is still trying to find itself, lol.

      1. Hi Kristina,

        overcoming self-doubt, yes. Interestingly that has always been a main issue in self-defence training. What especially women have to learn is ‘trust your instincts’. Personally, I did Tae Kwon Do, but doing martial arts is not the same as learning self defence, because as implied above, the decision to defend yourself if necessary requires more than learning the techniques.

        FGM is short for Female Genitale Mutilation, one of the most pervert forms of violence against women and girls.

        BTW: I love your tag line.

        Best wishes, Natalie

  3. What do you prefer to be called?


    Whatโ€™s your favorite memory?

    My dad and I took trips together before I married my husband. We took about 2-1/2 months and drive up the west coast, up the east coast and down to the Florida keys. It was wonderful.

    Whatโ€™s a talent or quirk that you have?

    I’m a pretty good public speaker.

    Sum up your blog in 1 sentence.

    Sharing my experience and love of homeโ€ฆ whatever that might be.

    When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?

    An archeologist

    What do you hope to accomplish before you die?

    Hope to have lots of grandchildren and be very close to them.

    What is your greatest strength or the best thing about you as a person?

    I can talk to anyone.

    Tell me 2 other things about you.

    I’ve always wanted to write a book and chocolate doberge is my favorite cake.

    Anything else youโ€™d like to add?

    Nice to meet you!!

    1. Hello Diane! Nice to meet you as well.

      Archaelogist is a different career choice, especially as a kid. Do you remember what made you decide to choose that? What did you end up doing?

      Talking to anyone is a great strength to have.

      I’m sorry for your recent loss. Did you and your dad have an idea for the book or is it going to be more of a memoir?

      1. I loved finding things in the dirt! So I would dig holes in the back yard looking for treasure when I was a kid. My dad told me that I should be a archeologist. So I said I would!

        Today I’m a Weight Watchers Leader with a degree in psychology. I’m back in school looking to get a degree in web design. A bit late in life to go back to school but it’s been great!

        The book dad wanted to write going to be a Mitch Album style morality play. Basically a story with something to learn at the end. He really wanted to teach people based on what he learned in his life.

  4. This is a genius idea and a great way to get to know your neighbors!

    You can call me Lacie. (I’ve never had any nicknames anyways)

    My Favorite memory is when I was 6/7. My parents sold their business (and our house!) and bought a motor home. We (them, me, and my brother) spent 2 and 1/2 months touring the U.S. and seeing every major landmark (and many minor ones!) you could name.

    I have a really good memory. Like, semi-scary. I remember conversations with people in elementary school. I will see things on Facebook and when I finally run into that person face to face, I feel like I have to refrain from mentioning those things because it was so long ago, I don’t want to seem like a creep.

    Stories from someone who has a myriad of interests and wants to tell you about all of them because she doesn’t believe that your life is something you should put part of in a box and ignore the rest.

    When I was a kid, I wanted to be a vet or a dr for a while. I’ve always been told my heart was the biggest thing about me and I’ve always wanted to help those who were hurt or in need. I’ve decided that if I became either, now, my practice would always be in the red because I wouldn’t be able to turn someone away based on their inability to pay.

    I hope to be happy, to make my parents proud, and to have helped as many people as possible realize that as long as you’re trying, there is nothing wrong with the person you are.

    I think that my greatest strength is a tie between my infinite patients with others and my infinite ability to forgive others, even if they didn’t know they wronged me or even if they can’t seem to forgive themselves.

    Two other things… In my daytime job, I work in a body shop (and not at the front desk) but my side job is as an Independent Designer with Origami Owl, helping others tell their story with jewelry that changes as often as you want it to. Two: I was very fortunate to have parents who never told me, “No you can’t do that. You’re a girl.” This resulted in my myriad of interests. I am just as comfortable discussing the fine points of baking, sewing a quilt, darning socks, and raising kids as I am discussing the fine points of spark plug adjustments for older motors, proper paint technique, chopping and channeling frames, and the importance of a fully stocked tool box.

    I wasn’t exaggerating when I said I have a myriad of interests, lol. Feel free to drop by my blog and introduce yourselves.

    1. That is so awesome that you were able to travel the country like that! I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m a bit envious of that! I still haven’t been west of the MIssissippi or east of …. hmm.. West Virginia I think is as far east as I’ve gone. It’s even more fantastic that you actually remember doing it.

      I like that blog summary. That’s pretty much what my blog is too. I feel like I need to separate them, but at the same time, it’s like, how can I put part of me in a box?

      “helped as many people as possible realize that as long as youโ€™re trying, there is nothing wrong with the person you are.”

      That is a great goal in life! I hope you succeed. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Wow, that is a wide collection of interests. I could learn a thing or two from you it sounds like. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. It was really great. I’ve been to every U.S. State with the exception of Alaska. We hit the lower 48 that trip, and I was able to go to Hawaii with my high school marching band. ๐Ÿ™‚ I do remember it, but I would love to go back as well. The travel bug bit me hard. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I blame my dad who, until his recent decline in health, had always dreamed of riding his motorcycle down the the Keys, spending a few days and then turning and riding northwest to Alaska, as far as he could go. My boyfriend had never really been anywhere besides Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida when we met. 5 years later I’ve drug him through both Carolinas and earlier this summer to see the Mississippi River, Mississippi, and cross the bridge (albeit briefly) into Arkansas.

        Thank you. I struggled with the blogging 101 trying to have you find a specific subject to blog about. I know there are some people who do that, and do really well about it, but to me (and all my crazy interests) it feels like I’d be leaving part of myself out of my blog. So, I just try to make my posts about one thing, and separate all the posts into categories.

        Thank you! I do my best. ๐Ÿ™‚

        It is indeed! I get lots of strange looks when I jump into conversations people don’t expect. I hope to be able to teach a few people some things. I’m a perpetual student and love to share what I’ve learned. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. What do you prefer to be called? Scott
    Whatโ€™s your favorite memory? Times spent fishing with my Grandfather.
    Whatโ€™s a talent or quirk that you have? I like to draw.
    Sum up your blog in 1 sentence. Hodgepodge of thoughts by a reluctant middle-aged man.
    When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? Not sure. Not what my current job is, that’s for sure.
    What do you hope to accomplish before you die? Retire and move out to the Pacific Northwest.
    What is your greatest strength or the best thing about you as a person? I think my honesty and work ethic.
    Tell me 2 other things about you. I have lived in Indiana my whole ife (ugh) and I have three tattoos.
    Anything else youโ€™d like to add? Even though I love to blog, I really am not a big reader. I don’t have the patience.

  6. 1. I prefer to be called Ankit in the real world. In the web, it would be Sandeept.
    2. My favorite memory is from the days I created a drama, directed and played on it- at the age of 11.
    3. I am not so sure what talent I have. My friends say that I write well. And I am good in quizzes. I think that counts as talent.
    4. To sum of my blog in one sentence: Experiences of a common man.
    5. As a kid, I wanted to join the army, maybe because of the conflict my country was facing.
    6. I hope to complete at least one novel before i die and I am working on it.
    7. I guess my strength is the ability to perceive nature of people by looking at them. I carriers prejudices, though.
    8. I am a student of Earth Sciences and I love literature.
    9. I have never had a good communication skill. I am trying to improve that through blogging.

    1. Hello Sandeept. ๐Ÿ™‚

      That must’ve been so cool to have directed a play that you wrote at the age of 11. Was it performed in front of family or a larger audience? Either way, props to you! Do you plan on making more?

      Being good with quizzes is always a bonus.

      Did you end up joining the army?

      Oo, another writer! I love meeting other writers and learning about their writing processes. And novel writing can be a beast. How is it going so far?

      I wasn’t good at communicating either when I was a kid. I was too shy. I’ve gotten better though, but I still get a little red when talking to people. I also have a hard time making true eye contact with people.

      1. The play had been performed in the school on the occasion of Children’s Day. I have a concept for another play, which I think will write in case I get some chance.
        No, I couldn’t join the army. I suffered from a lung infection and I thought I would never make it after that.
        One of the novels has reached halfway and will be ending soon, I hope. I actually worked on three novels in parallel at the beginning of this year. Now, I have concentrated on one- “Jelly Beans”. The other two require a lot of research. I need to devote time for them later.
        I have similar experience while talking to new people. It always feels awkward.

          1. Yeah, the infection still gives troubles.

            Actually, I don’t think much about novels. I first think of its climax and then the beginning. The middle part, I begin writing down spontaneously and then leave whatever written for at least six months. When I read them again, I find out mistakes and I rewrite those parts and add a few. It’s a long process. Even I don’t understand how it happens.

            Thank you that you liked the title. The concept had come from a dream I saw one morning. I did not know the actual meaning of jelly beans until I googled after I woke up.

          2. I write fantasy, so my novels require world building. Maybe that’s why ot boggles me? Or maybe writing more than one at a time isn’t as crazy as it sounds. ๐Ÿ™‚ do you mean there’s more to jelly beans besides being candy?

          3. Exactly, fantasies are difficult to construct. While writing more than one story at a time, I find myself in a crazy situation, so I focus on one to forget the other. This means to re-read and re-write the next time I think of it.
            Yes, “Jelly Beans” is not sweet as you might think. It’s a twisted tale.

  7. Hi, Kristina, what a neat idea! I’m going to use it over on my Spontaneous Whimsy site if you don’t mind!
    1. I like to be called Tracey. In fact, I just wrote a post about my name on Socrates.
    2. My favorite memory is dancing with my husband as we studied for our exams in our dance class in college; it’s how we met!
    3. I wrote about a weird talent in the Leibster blog (belching on command); I real takent I have is that I have perfect pitch.
    4. Socrates Underground is a blog in which I express my opinions about current trends things I encounter in education. Spontaneous Whimsy is a blog through which I nurture my fun side and explore the world around me through writing.
    5. When I was a kid, I taught my dolls lessons and gave my grandmother quizzes as she took me to school; I wanted to be a teacher in my earliest memories. As I grew older and took up singing, I began to want to be a singer.
    6. I want to sing in a fairly big venue at least once before I die.
    7. The best thing about you as a person is that I am kind.
    8. I love music; my tastes are incredibly varied. Although I have no children of my own (never wanted them), I adore teenagers!
    9. My relationship with my husband is the best part of my life. We’ve been together a little over 25 years, and we’re still madly in love! We go dancing and hold hands and exchange sweet smiles.

    1. Feel free Tracey! I should have mentioned that in the original blog; I’ll add that in after this. Thanks!

      AW, that’s such a cute story about how two people met! That’s awesome!

      Haha. Can you belch the abc’s too? Perfect pitch would be an awesome talent to have. Do you still sing? My brothers and dad can also play by ear. I have always wanted both talents to become a better musician.

      Oh my! You have a second blog?! I did not know that. I will have to find it because it sounds like a fun place to visit.

      Haha, I used to do the same thing. I used sheet protectors and taped them to the window and used Viz-a-Viz or dry erase markers on them. It was my “overhead projector” lol. My grandmother said I would be a teacher because I took so much time teaching her how to write in cursive. My parents found a real chalkboard that rotated and brought it home for me. I WAS IN LOVE! LOL. I think sometime around the Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, and Nsync I wanted to be a singer. The trend lasted a while; I still enjoy singing, but I’d be too darn shy to get on stage. Do you think you’d be able to sing in front of a big crowd? Did you ever have solos?

      Oh…well, I suppose this question just hinted at the questions I just asked, lol.

      What are some of your favorite songs or musicians?

      AW. That’s so sweet! Here’s to many more years of happiness and madly in love days for you and him! I hope I get so lucky one day.

      1. My favorite band is Pink Martini; I also love Caro Emerald, The Mavericks, The Cardigans (no longer together), and a local Asheville band, the John Henrys.

        I know I could sing in front of a big crowd. I opened for a show with an audience of about 3000 in Pigeon Forge, TN once. I love it! When I sing on stage, it’s an awesome feeling!

        I’m sorry to disappoint, though. I cannot belch the alphabet. I’ll work on it!

          1. Yep! Pigeon Forge is home of Dollywood. I can see Dollywood’s fireworks from my front yard in the summer. It’s actually quite nice because I see the spectacular lights, but don’t hear the loud BOOMs!

  8. Reblogged this on How may I help you? and commented:
    1. I prefer to be called Debbie.
    2. Favorite memory was helping my daughter deliver her first child.
    3. No talents, but my quirk is that I turn on contemporary Christian music whenever I am alone – or with someone else who will enjoy it with me.
    4. I have two: contains my husband’s and my journey after we remarried (from divorce) and where we now travel full time in our motorhome. The second one is my own personal journey, It’s my personal blog with my voice only, mostly about my journey in life where I want to share LIFE, by Love, Inspiring, help (to have Freedom) and Encouraging others.

      1. Thanks! Nice to meet you! I’ve scanned through your blog a bit. Very good and glad you are able to offer so much advice and are now published! My blog started out for family and friends who wanted to follow our travels….Now, I’m a bit more motivated to do some different types of blogs. Like a request about becoming minimalists. I liked do that!

  9. What a fab idea. Thank you for hosting Kristina.

    1. Sharon.
    2. I have many favorite memories but my most favorite is waking up to my husband and our three dogs bouncing on the bed. My saddest day, May 20th of this year, when my Bella died in my arms. Not a day goes by I don’t miss her, but I thank God for my husband and my two fur boys.
    3. A quirky talent few people know about. Iโ€™ve been known to belt out a tune or two on Karaoke night. LOL
    4. A one line summary of my blog. The journey continues because the future is ours to discover. We traded our urban lifestyle for a forty-foot fifthwheel, traveled across Canada, the States and Mexico. We live in Mexico but continue to travel in a scaled down 26-foot motorhome.
    5. What did I want to be when I grew up? I never grew up, so I donโ€™t really know.
    6. I take each day as it comes and do the best I can. Thatโ€™s accomplishment enough.
    7. My husband would say my greatest strength is perseverance. I would say, seeking the best in people.
    8. I was kicked out of a Writersโ€™ Group because I stood up to โ€œ bully critiquingโ€. Since then, Iโ€™ve written and self- published two E-books about our RVing adventures or misadventures I like to call them ( and I will release the third e-book, A Grand Mexico Tour, January 31, 2016.
    9. Iโ€™m so happy to meet such wonderful, passionate people and hope to continue growing and learning from all of you.

    1. Nice to meet you Sharon!

      Oh no! Losing a loved fur baby is hard. How old was Bella? What kind of dog was she? I lost my husky at the age of 14.5 in the end of December. They never truly leave us forever though, or so I hope.

      Karaoke night’s are so much fun! They can be intimidated some times. What’s your favorite song to sing during karaoke?

      That is an EXCELLENT summary. I love it! I’m also a little envious of your traveling.

      Haha, I haven’t grown up either. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Very true. Each day at our best is definitely an accomplishment.

      Both of those are excellent qualities.

      Bully critiquing? I never knew such a thing existed. That’s very sad. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’ve never been in a writing critique group aside from my creative writing class in high school. Good for you for sticking up to it! And that’s so awesome that you’ve published books! I hope I get there some day too. Was it exciting and nerve wracking to hit the publish button? I always imagine it is.

      ๐Ÿ˜€ It has been great meeting so many new people. I’m grateful WordPress offers these classes. I hope the Blogging 201 and Writing 101 class I signed up for in September is as wonderful as this one.

      1. Hi Kristina. We share the pain of a deep loss. So sorry you lost your Husky. Bella was a bichon, 13.5 years old. I still feel her around me, isn’t that strange? To cope with losing her, I wrote to her. Freaky thing, she answered. lol. Someday I hope to share my ramblings to help others cope with their loss.
        As for the singing, which I haven’t done for years, my signature song happened to be Dancing Queen. Now I’m toying with branding my website with the name Glamping (Glamour Camping) Queen to describe my style of RVing. It fits. Bully critiquing was a blessing in some respects because I was propelled into the depths of writing, self publishing and marketing and met a lot of great people. The thrill of pressing publish was both exhilarating and frightening. Would anybody want to read my books? What kind of reviews would I receive? I hope you take the plunge and write your book. If I can help in any way, please call on me. I hope to join you in Blogging 201 and Writing 101. I never tire of learning and meeting people. Take care.

        1. Sorry for the late reply. It’s wonderful that she answered to you. I used to think I heard my husky’s bark or whine now and then.

          Dancing Queen is a good song. Glamping is a fun word. I didn’t even know it existed until I looked it up. Thought maybe you invented it. Glamping Queen does go with Dancing Queen though. ๐Ÿ˜€

          “You are the Glamping Queen, young and sweet, only traveling
          Glamping Queen, feel the beat from the bumpy road
          You can ride, you can drive, having the time of your life
          See that girl, watch that scene, digging the Glamping Queen”


          While bully critiquing is not good, I’m glad it got you moving forward. I might have to take you up on that offer of help with self publishing someday. Not there yet, but hopefully soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. This is nice. Okay here are my answers.

    1. I’d like to be referred to as Maria here in blogosphere. I am begining to love my first name.
    2. So far playing with the autumn leaves of Nami Island in South Korea is my favorite.
    3. I can sing.
    4. Travel and life
    5. I want to be a pediatrician, a doctor to children.
    6. travel the world
    7. My passion and compassion for other.
    8. I love chocolates and dogs (who doesn’t?) and (face palm) I’m still single
    Thanks Kristina

    1. Nice to meet you, Maria! Sorry for the late reply. I thought I replied to everyone.

      Playing with autumn leaves is always fun. Fall happens to be my favorite holiday. I’m looking forward to seeing the leaves change colors. I do every year actually.

      What do you like to sing? Do you sing soprano? alto? Other?

      If you could travel only to one more place in the world, where would you go and why?

      I love chocolate and dogs too. There’s nothing wrong with being single, either!

      Thanks for visiting and participating, Maria!

      1. Hi.Wow! Another set of questions. ๐Ÿ™‚

        I love to sing Broadway songs. 2 of my most favorites are On My Own from Les Miserables and Sun and Moon from Miss Saigon.
        I do believe I sing Soprano (hahaha! I;m doubting my own skills. lol)
        I’d still travel in my country, The Philippines.

        Have a great day Kristina.

  11. What a great way to get people to feel comfortable commenting!!

    What do you prefer to be called?
    Whatโ€™s your favorite memory?
    —I have way too many to pick just one! What just came to mind though was when my sister and I were kids, and we’d stand under this giant tree in the fall and try to catch the leaves as they fell from the tree. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Whatโ€™s a talent or quirk that you have?
    —I am pretty good at making any situation awkward- intentionally. ๐Ÿ˜‰ That might be more of a punishment to my sister than a talent ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Sum up your blog in 1 sentence.
    — My blog is a place to share, encourage, and learn/try new things where everyone is welcome!

    When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?

    What do you hope to accomplish before you die?
    —Just living a full, happy life and spending time with people!

    What is your greatest strength or the best thing about you as a person?
    —I like to think that I am really caring about the people in my life.

    Tell me 2 other things about you.
    — I have a pet bunny, and I like trying new crafts.

    Anything else youโ€™d like to add?
    — Loved doing this survey and engaging on your blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks for commenting, Sasha. Sorry it took so long to reply. I hate taking a long time to reply in comments.

      Another person who enjoys falling leaves! Maria, who posted just before you, had a favorite memory similar to that. I LOVE fall. It is my favorite season. It’s so exciting how they change colors and fall. Oh and the sound they make when you walk on them or jump in them! It’s just too perfect!

      That is by far the most unique talent I’ve heard of. Bravo! Also a great idea for the blog summary. It sounds lovely! (Which I’d have to agree your blog is based on my visits there. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

      Why did you wantt o become a lawyer?

      I used to have bunnies. I was a kid though. I still remember them and the day they died/disappeared. First one died. Second one got out of the cage and disappeared. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ What does your bunny look like?

      I love crafts too. I think I need to learn to sew though so I can try more. What is your favorite craft?

      Thanks again for playing. ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. This is such a great idea! I may have to steal it sometime. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Megan, plain and tall (JK…just Megan is fine)

    2. Argh…this one is difficult. Ok, there was this one Christmas when my family was going through a hard time and some people got together and bought my brother and I a playstation 2 (which had just come out). We were so excited!

    3. I would say that my quirk is that every time I see a book I want to read, I add it to an ever growing list, (and I also keep a list of books I’ve read) but since there is a website dedicated to this sort of thing *cough* goodreads *cough* I guess I will have to come up with something else. Ok, so I’ll go for talent. My talent is daydreaming so intensely that stories burst out of my mind and onto the paper.

    4. My blog is here to tickle your imagination, get the gears in your head turning, and make tears slide down your cheeks.

    5. I wanted to be either a musician or a writer

    6. Publish a book

    7. I don’t give up. It doesn’t matter how bleak things look, I continue to hope, and rise again no matter how many knock-downs I’ve been dealt.

    8. Number one: I have difficulty choosing a favorite color because I love so many. It really just depends on the shade, and what it is, and what mood I’m it, and the weather….ok forget that last one.
    Number two: Since I brought up weather; I love to listen to the rain. And it’s even better if thunder is involved.

    9. Alrighty, one random fact about me: I have a Jack Russell Terrier who chews everything. Seriously, he made a hole in our door.

    Thanks for the chance to dump all of that random information on you. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Really though, it was fun.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for commenting, Megan, and feel free to steal away or adapt it to your own. ๐Ÿ™‚

      That was so sweet of those people.

      Oh my! Another person with another growing list of books to read! I started a list on GoodReads and I just gave up adding books officially to it because the list on my bookshelves is more than enough to occupy me for years. So does that mean you do not use GoodReads to keep track of these things? That is a great talent to have. ๐Ÿ™‚

      That is a great synopsis for a blog. If someone told me that, I would be so intrigued I would have to visit it.

      I hope you publish a book sometime! Do you think you’ll publish traditionally or self publish? or have you not considered that yet?

      That is an excellent quality to have. More people need that trait.

      Rain is a very peaceful thing. I sometimes go to that website with the rain ( I think?) or listen to thunderstorms on YouTube for inspiration or background music to write to.

      Do you have any pictures of your Jack Russell? What’s his name? How old is he?

      Thanks again for visiting and commenting, Megan. I hope to get to know you better. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I have to make myself stop going through the suggested reading list on GoodReads because within two minutes, I have added more books than I can read in a year. All those books just make me so happy!
        So, yes I do use GoodReads, but before I found them I used to copy paste any books I wanted to read into a word document. (True nerd for ya!)
        I’m glad my one-sentence blog synopsis turned out so well since I did it spur of the moment. Hmm…I’ll have to put it on my blog somewhere to get people intrigued. Thanks for the question! It got my creative juices flowing!
        I think I’ll try self publishing for my first book. Partly because I have a feeling my first book will be less than novel length, so self publishing on Amazon would be the best choice. I also want to sidestep the whole heartache of sending your book out to millions of agents or publishers only to receive a million rejection letters. At least for the first book. Maybe knowing that I at least have a book out there (even if it is self published) will help me face the rejection. But who knows…I may change my mind and just go strait for the rejection. Why put off fun times? ๐Ÿ˜‰
        Thank you! It took me a while to get that trait. ๐Ÿ™‚
        Yes! I do the same thing! I have to have something to listen to when I write. It helps me concentrate and gets me feeling the mood of the music, which is great for writing dramatic scenes. I’ve found that listening to movie soundtracks works best for this since the composers are usually targeting a specific emotion.
        My Jack Russell’s name is…*drumroll*… Jack! Real creative right? It was kind of my little sister’s idea. I was just glad it wasn’t something like Mr. Squishy or Sweety Pie (Which sometimes she calls him) or something equally bizarre, so I went with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Lol I wasn’t organized enough to type them up in a word document. I wrote them on post its amd random paper though. Lol. I’m thinking I’ll probably self publish too at first. And I listen to soundtracks all the time. It definitely is helpful for writing scenes! In a long scene, I may even place a song on repeat until the scene is complete. And haha. Little kids I suppose aren’t the best at naming things. When I got my cat, my nieces wanted to call her kitty. I kept saying no to it, but until we found out if she was a true stray and free of feline leukemia, I didn’t want to give her a name. They kept calling her kitty while we waited. I was worried she’d get stuck thinking it was her name! Thankfully, it did not. ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. I used to write it on paper too, but that was easy to lose, so I started using a word document (pretty hard to lose that)
            Sometimes I’ll do that too. I don’t want slow violins when I’m writing an action scene. ๐Ÿ™‚
            Kitty…that’s about as creative as Jack for a Jack Russell. Lol ๐Ÿ™‚ Kids come up with the funniest things. At least she didn’t get stuck thinking that was her name. What did you end up naming her?

  13. This is awesome!! I’m excited that you’re doing this.

    1. Meggan. I really don’t like Meg.
    2. I have a lot of favorite memories, but one that comes to mind is going to amusement parks when I was a kid. My mom would take me to the nearest one (King’s Island near Cincinnati) practically every weekend.
    3. I can make my voice sound like a big man’s voice. I can also do a creepy voice.
    4. The musings of a dreamer with an open heart and a stretched mind.
    5. I wanted to be a writer. Doing that!!
    6. Before I die, I hope to leave a legacy for my family. A legacy of being a strong overcomer who does what they set out to do, without quitting. I also hope to make a difference in a big way!
    7. I think the best thing about me is my heart. God has taken away all the pain I went through before and has helped me to love people and want to make their lives better.
    8. I’m saving myself for marriage. I enjoy public speaking.
    9. I’m sleepy lol!! I would love to know more about you as well!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Meggan! Sorry about that. For some reason a reply to a later post was posted under your comment. So let’s make this comment a little more relevant to you, shall we?

      It’s nice to meet you. Thanks for replying and I’m sorry it took so long to reply.

      What types of rides did you enjoy riding in the amusement parks?

      LOL. A man’s voice and a creepy voice? That’s awesome. (I also thought I replied to this comment too because I remember discussing this, but apparently I was dreaming!)

      I’m glad you are doing something that you loved as a child. It always feels nice when it feels like we knew what we wanted so young.

      I think that is an excellent goal to accomplish before you die. I wish you the best of success with it!

      You ENJOY public speaking?! What is wrong with you? LOL. I used to get so scared giving speeches! You have no idea!

      I look forward to learning more about you. Keep writing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. 1. What do you prefer to be called?
    My real name is actually Debbie….:long story there.
    Everyone in Florida, including my hubby has always called me Sarah .
    I use Sarah here but if you prefer Debbie, it is fine with me.

    2. Whatโ€™s your favorite memory?
    The first moment I saw my son and he was placed in my arms.

    3. Whatโ€™s a talent or quirk that you have?
    Making children smile.
    I was an awesome teacher.
    Making people happy in general.

    4. Sum up your blog in 1 sentence.
    Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures is filled with stories from a wide range of bloggers as well as what is going on in Our Neck Of The Woods.

    5. What you were a kid,what did you want to be when you grew up
    A mom then a grandma.
    A Teacher.

    6. What do you hope to accomplish before you die?
    I want to work again.
    I want to be able to climb Pike’s Peak in Colorado with Danny.

    7. What is your greatest strength or the best thing about you as a person?
    A few years ago, I would have said without question: The ability to smile. To laugh .To make others smile and laugh.
    To Listen….To really listen.
    Now I am not so sure.
    Now maybe: I am a fighter. I won’t lie down and let the lupus and fibromyalgia just take over.

    8. Tell me 2 other things about you.
    I enjoy , reading, blogging, writing, being outdoors, boating , fishing, hiking, riding horses, and cooking.
    I love my family and my hubby,

    9. I am a mom who’s only child is in Heaven.

    1. Lucky you! You get to ride horses. There’s something about girls and horses…every girl wants one. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Fibromyalgia is tough. I’ve struggled with something similar, and it’s no fun. Hang in there, and keep fighting!

    2. I prefer what you go by. Since your blog has Sarah in it and your husband calls you that, I will call you that too. I bet it’s an interesting story. It’d be nice to hear it someday, unless that is something you are not comfortable in sharing.

      So on that note, hi Sarah and welcome to my blog! Sorry it took so long to respond.

      I hear the first moment with your newborn is always the most amazing. One day I might experience that. How old is your son?

      What did you teach? How long did you teach?

      It sounds like you were right on track with what you wanted to do as a kid and what you have done as an adult. ๐Ÿ™‚

      You said you want to work again. What is it that you’d like to do?

      All of those strengths are great things. My aunt has fibromyalgia. It is no fun. I can’t say I know much (or really anything) about lupus. I’m glad you’re fighting and moving forward though!

      Riding horses is fun. What style do you ride? Do you have horses?

      Oh my goodness! #9 is sad. I am so sorry for your loss. That is far too cruel. I hope the moments that you did have with your child were full of happiness.

      1. I am glad you read number 9 .
        If you follow my blog for any length of time you will realize we shared a very special bond.
        No the whole story of my nickname and how I got it in high school to why Danny started calling me Sarah is a love story all it’s own. On many different levers. I just reposted Am I Debbie Or Am I Sarah tonight because someone asked about the name. It is a short short version.
        Bobby was 25 almost 26.
        I taught grade school and also college classes during the summer for 17 years. I was forced to quit but had an in home licensed daycare/ preschool /after school program until I moved to Florida.
        I would still love to work with kids. when I can, I have programs for them at the park. I just want to be able to do normal everyday things right now. I have been pretty much housebound …bedridden for way to long.
        I rode Western. And could ride bareback. I wasn’t great but
        I loved it. No horses but the park has 5 I groom when I can.
        I think I answered them all.
        And the first moment with your baby is the best moment there ever will be.

  15. 1. Alex
    2. When my baby sister came home for the first time.
    3. My amazing memory
    4. A place of freedom to be you
    5. A midwife, race car driver, and an author (all at once)
    6. Writing a book
    7. My imagination and modesty ๐Ÿ˜‰
    8. I love reading. I adore animals.

    Whew. Did I get them in the right order?

  16. such a fun, fun, fun post! I am only sad i am just now able to have discovered it. Embracing the quiet moment to reply IMMediately though!

    What do you prefer to be called? KIND
    Sum up your blog in 1 sentence. TO KNOW HIM, TO LOVE HIM, TO SERVE HIM…HAPPILY.
    When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? I AM STILL FIGURING THAT OUT…
    What is your greatest strength or the best thing about you as a person? I TRY TO THINK OF MY GOD FIRST, OTHERS SECOND, AND LASTLY MYSELF. (I AM THIRD.)
    Tell me 2 other things about you. I HAVE RED HAIR. I AM A DEEP THINKER.

    Thanks for the fun late-night treat!

    1. Hello Dawn! Welcome to my home in the world wide web. It’s nice to meet you!

      I haven’t heard of the Island of the Blue Dolphin. I’ll have to check that out. I’ve never had a book that I read at a certain point of the year. I do have some movies like that. OK one movie like that. I watch it every Halloween.

      A pen pal is a great idea. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers actually create such things around the holidays. A lot of them gift things to each other or send out cards. Best of luck finding a pen pal! And haha about the fun not funny. ๐Ÿ™‚

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