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Why You Should Never Say “I Can’t”

It’s often easier to say that we can’t do something. It may stem from our fear of failure or our lack of self confidence. Perhaps it’s other people leading us to believe that we are not good enough for one reason or another.

However, by not trying that thing you’ve always wanted to because of these fears is only hurting yourself. No one knows their chances of success going into a new task. For instance, I may think by writing this post that I’ll publish it, but for all I know the power could go out or WordPress officials could decide to pull the plug on WordPress and leave my blog homeless and all.

We never know what will happen, yet we try many things throughout the day. Sometimes though we don’t take that risk.

For instance, I love drawing and experimenting with art mediums, but there is an inner voice that tells me I am not an artist because I’ve only had one class. It ignores the fact that I was part of the National Art Society in high school because I chalked it up as a fluke or because I knew people in the group. Not to mention I have this perfectionist monkey on my back telling me it isn’t good enough for what ever reason.

Why should we listen to those negative voices? We don’t know our own potential or strengths sometimes. Beethoven went on to write extraordinary music even though he couldn’t hear in his later years.

For years, he has been the only one I think of until I read a post today from Megan at Invisible World. I highly suggest you go visit her post for some extra inspiration. It’s all about a well known modern composer who can’t read music. I’m certain you’ll walk away feeling inspired!

Today, I recommend that you choose to try something new that you have always put aside due to your fears. Give it a try and pursue it and other pursuits in 2016. Do not let the fear prohibit you from creating something great!

Your Turn:

What has fear, negative thoughts, or fear of failure prevented you from trying? What will you commit to trying either this month or in 2016?

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8 thoughts on “Why You Should Never Say “I Can’t”

  1. I totally relate to what you share here! I agree that no one should allow the word “can’t” into their vocabulary…I believe words are very powerful…the words we choose to say to ourselves or out loud open or close doors for us…There’s nothing wrong with admitting something is difficult, but I don’t agree with those voices that try to keep me down…and “can’t” is not in my vocabulary!! We are all given gifts to bless others with…my fear of not being perfect, or not being good enough is self-indulgent. I want to serve others with my gifts…so fear can be faced and pushed through…thanks for this thought provoking post!

    1. Wonderful mentality to have, Josée. I admit I have allowed “can’t” into my life, but I’m working hard to kick it out. Thanks for visiting and commenting! Keep living a “can’t” free life!

  2. This is such a wonderful post for the new year! In 2016, I won’t be limited to what I “can’t” do. I’m going for the impossible! 🙂
    You made my day by mentioning my post! I love knowing that I’ve helped inspire people. 🙂
    And while I’m here, I’ll let you know that I tagged you in my “getting to know you” challenge. You are one blogger I would definitely want to get to know more. You are such a super sweet person (now even more sweet since you mentioned my blog 🙂 ) and I think your answers will be interesting! Here’s the link if you want to check it out
    I hope you have a great new year!

    1. I’m so happy that I could help make your day. I’m hoping to go for the impossible as well. 2016 is going to be a great year for both of us!

      I love that you’re doing a get to know you challenge, and I’m extremely flattered that you’d like to get to know me more! I will definitely stop by!

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