Kristina Van Hoose believes she became a superhero by the time she could talk. She spent her childhood battling villains, taming dragons, and discovering new lands with her pet dog (who had more superpowers than Underdog). She also encountered three older siblings who, like villains, could cause plenty of trouble. Cardboard boxes were magical places that gave her more power than most adults could realize; however, she had to use them before they were thrown away.

She has since evolved into a new superhero, battling boredom as she writes her stories. She still enjoys befriending dragons in their dragon caves or by playing with her Toothless action figure. She occasionally tries to bend the elements to see if she can be an Avatar like Aang and Korra; so far, she has not succeeded, but she would probably have better luck if she took some sort of karate class. She should also learn to dance as it could be potentially useful in life since she evolves into a pop star whenever her favorite song or Disney tune comes on.

Kristina can be found daydreaming, drawing, or reading.  Her mom and dad instilled a love of reading and working hard in her from an early age, and she hopes to inspire others to feel the same way. Her favorite books are usually fantasy, and she wishes she had received a letter to Hogwarts or could learn the name of the wind. She has heard that winter is coming, and after the last winter she experienced, she’s not so sure she wants it back; however, the heat of summer has always been worse for her. If she could, she’d live in a world where fall and spring were the only seasons, as long as she could have an indoor pool of course. She enjoys the smell of campfires and eating smores. She also loves the smell of cinnamon and pumpkin spice.

Despite being classified as an “adult” by society’s standards, she refuses to completely grow up by holding onto her childhood curiosity and happiness. She also clings to her imagination, which seems to be the only weapon at her disposal as a superhero. She still enjoys reading, and when she’s not fighting villains or entertaining others, she’s usually curled up with a book or playing with her cat.


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    1. Well, I’m glad someone else thinks it’s not necessary. I always worry I’m going to sound bratty or too childish or something when I say that. But honestly, the things my younger nieces say just makes me admire being young and fascinated. Too many people are caught up in their own lives and hustling to and fro. Our imaginations disappear, and we wonder why we’re stressed.

      Thanks for visiting and for the comment. 🙂

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